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Tips on Storing Different Medical Equipments

Different medical equipment have different storage requirements. Whether you get them from a pharmacy or a Pharma PCD Company like Vivaceutical, most of them provide the storage tips. Even if you use a third party manufacturing company, they are supposed to give you the storage guides. However, in case you do not understand or they are not provided, by the time you finish this blog, you will have an idea on storing your medical equipment. The tips may help with both industrial and home storage.

What Are The Different Type of Medical Equipment

The following are the different kinds of medical supplies that you can find in a household and how store them:

Gloves and First Aid Accessories

First Aid

There are three common types of gloves that you can find in a pharmacy namely surgical gloves, exam gloves and cleanroom gloves. They all have different functions. In a house, the most common type of gloves you will find is the cleanroom gloves. Cleanroom gloves protect your hands while working in unsafe environments.

Furthermore, first aid equipment includes antiseptic pads, band-aids, gauze roll, gauze square, cotton balls, compression bandages, medical tape and sterile water or saline spray.
These are easy to store. All you have to make sure is that they are in a cool, dry and dust free place.

Infection Control Supplies

These are also called antiseptics. Medical chemicals used to clean wounds and prevent them from getting infections. According to an article by NCBI, octenidine, polihexanide, povidone-iodine (betadine), nanosilver and sodium hypochlorite are some of the most recommended antiseptics.
Most antiseptic liquids contain alcohol, therefore, some of them are flammable. So they have to be kept away from heat. Probably in a place like a cupboard. You should not freeze them as well.

Skin and Wound Management Supplies

These are medical substances that help with skin problems like rashes, ringworms and skin allergies. They come in the form of creams and lotions, for example ketoconazole which is an antifungal cream. Heat rub which is used to relieve muscle pain also falls in this category of supplies
Like every other topical cream, they have to be stored in a cool place that is away from sunlight.



These include pills, capsules, inhalers and drops. Any medical substance that is ingested, inhaled or dropped into the system, for example painkillers and any other drugs that treat conditions like flu, cough and other specific diseases.
Avoid mixing these products with food or detergents. Also, mind not to leave the containers open. Most of them should not be exposed to direct air, they lose quality. They have to be kept away from direct sunlight, it may destroy some chemical compounds in the drugs. Any PCD pharma franchise company in India that you buy bulk medications from will also provide you with the basic guide to store them properly.

Let’s Wrap Up

There are many other pharmaceutical products that have different storage requirements. These are only the basics that you can find in a house. Ofcourse, you also have to know how to store your face masks. The main factor you have to mind is to keep them in a dust-free and dry area.

In addition, one of the guides you can find on the packaging of the medical product is: to keep out of the reach of children. And, it is always important to have a prescription before taking medication. That way you take the right quantity for the right problem.

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