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Things That You Probably Don’t Know About California Medical Cannabis Law?

First of all, is weed legal in California? You probably didn’t know but California was the first state in the United States to allow medicinal cannabis use in what is known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. Today, cannabis is legal in California for both medicinal and adult recreational use. And also California has some cannabis regulations that will shock you.

Adult Cannabis Use in California

Adult Cannabis Use in California

One of the wonders of California Cannabis Law is Proposition 64 aka The Adult Use of Marijuana Act. This is the act of November 2016 that legalised the use of recreational cannabis in California. Most states do not allow recreational marijuana and some do not even allow the use of medical cannabis.
However, the act has many limitations. The following are some of the regulations according to Proposition 64:

    • You have to be 21 years or more to consume recreational cannabis
    • One is allowed to possess up to one ounce of marijuana or 8 grams of concentrated marijuana
    • You can grow up to six plants
    • Your local government is allowed to forbid outdoors cultivation of cannabis, but will allow it inside a private residence or securely closed area
    • You can only purchase marijuana at licensed retailers
    • You cannot not consume marijuana in public places
    • It is illegal to consume marijuana or possess an open container of marijuana while driving or riding as a passenger
    • The owners of your apartment or property may forbid the possession or use of marijuana in that property
    • Employers may prohibit use of marijuana by their employees

Medical Cannabis Use in California

Medical Cannabis Use in California

The regulations for medical marijuana users are a bit different. To qualify as a medical marijuana patient you have to possess a medical marijuana card NJ. The process of getting a medical marijuana card in California is almost similar to other states but there are slight differences.
California has many cities and counties which makes it difficult for one system to handle all the medical marijuana card applications. Therefore, MMJ card applications in California are handled by county and city health departments.
So after getting a recommendation from a certified physician, you apply for a card in-person from the county health department instead of doing it online.

What’s Different?

Well, to begin with, in California you do not necessarily need a medical marijuana card to get access to a dispensary. All you need is a medical recommendation for a certified doctor or physician.
To get a recommendation you have to be evaluated by a medical specialist for one of the state qualifying medical conditions. You can get an online consultation using a trusted online clinic.
Different clinics have different consultation prices. Some clinics after giving you a pdf recommendation can go as far as giving you a physical card. For example, Online Medical Card offers what is called a $20 medical card online where you have to pay $20 extra on the consultation fee and they mail you a plastic card.


The medical cannabis system of California is very different from other states. It is also cheaper and easy to access medical marijuana with such a supportive system. However, as much as it is supportive to MMJ patients, it may also be supportive to cannabis crimes.

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