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5 Tips on Taking Care of Your Emotional Support Dog

Emotional Support Dog

Your ESA dog takes care of you. It helps you to handle your emotions and is like a companion. So, it is important to make sure your emotional support dog is well taken care of the same way it takes care of you. Most emotional support dogs, unlike service dogs, are not trained. This is because dog training is not mandatory when getting an ESA letter online using trusted clinics like My ESA Doctor.

Therefore, this makes it hard for the dogs to take care of themselves. So, the following are some of the tips for taking care of your ESA dog:



Like people, dogs also need to eat regularly. Feeding your dog is your responsibility. Different dogs have different appetites. According to a study by PubMed Central, the appetite of dogs can be determined by factors like breed, size, age and sex of the dog. This means the amount that a dog can eat at a time and its eating frequency can be affected by these factors. Different dogs use different amounts of energy?
Therefore, you should know the eating habits of your dog. What it likes to eat and at what time? Another study shows that larger portions of food increase the dog’s food intake.


It is also your responsibility to make sure your dog is clean and healthy. Dogs have to be washed regularly otherwise they start to smell. Their nails have to be trimmed and their teeth brushed. Dog hygiene is one of the most important factors of taking care of a dog.

You also have to make sure your dog gets a fresh supply of water on a regular basis. Furthermore, your dog’s bedding has to be checked. Like people, dogs also want to sleep in a comfortable, warm and dry place.

Visiting Veterinarian Regularly

Regular Visits to the Vet

The dog has to be taken to a vet regularly for checkup. Because of the fur, dogs can have ticks, worms and infections that we may sometimes miss. So, they have to be checked and fully vaccinated. Even when they are sick or injured, they should be taken to see a vet. Their teeth should also be checked.Make sure your dog stays healthy.


It is not mandatory to train your dog. But dog training is important. It gives your dog discipline and restraint. Most people think training their dogs makes them robots but the opposite is true. It makes them easy to take care of and friendlier to people.

The training doesn’t really have to be serious. Just the basic commands: sit, stay, come and leave.

Build a Relationship with Your Dog

Personal Relationships

It is very important to create a bond with your emotional support dog. Show your dog some compassion. Once in a while pet your dog. Dogs love being stroked and massaged. You can play catch with your dog, take it for walks at the park.

Let’s Wrap Up

Dogs are happy and compassionate animals if they are treated well. It is your responsibility to keep their energy up. The most important factor in taking care of your Emotional Support Dog is building a bond with it.

However, for your dog to be called an emotional support animal, it has to be registered as one. You have to have adequate knowledge on how to register your dog as an emotional support animal.

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